Friday, 25 March 2016

GOA with Friends - Awesome

Here I am in Goa with my friends Ojas 10 years, Dev 13 years and Lakshita 14 years who will also be writing on this blog. Here are their first posts written on our third day of arrival.

Ojas –
“I went to a beach and into the ocean. Then I made a sand castle along with my friend Dev. I made a big sand wall to protect the castle from sea water. Then I went into the water to experience water waves. When huge waves were coming I used to jump and have fun. I used to swim in the direction of the waves. Then I did Jet Ski. It was very amazing and moves very fast on the water and takes turns dangerously.”
Lakshita –
“As soon as we reached the seashore we changed our clothes and all my friends and relatives who have come with me went in the sea to have fun. At first I was feeling very scared but my father took me to the deep sea. After I reached inside I felt so amazing.  I also thought to take my mother inside but she refused as earlier she had a very bad experience. Bad experiences always stay in mind as a backdrop but good experiences always give enthusiasm to us. After that we went for water ride. It was best striking event of today which I will never forget- The ride on Jet Ski. It was marvelous though a little horrifying. I was feeling so scared that I shouted so loudly that the guide who was standing behind me said that none of my other friends who had taken the ride before me have shouted so much. When I came back to the seashore my relatives said that when I was shouting my voice was so loud that it could be heard from the beach. I was feeling ashamed and also proud that I can shout so much loud. Then the time passed by and we came back.”

So you must have guessed what we did today. Yes, today we went to the beach. When the big waves came we spun and jumped to avoid them. When the small waves came we floated over them. I also swam in the sea!!! It was a lot of fun. I also went to do Jet Ski. It moves at a very fast speed. After that we ate lunch and went back to the hotel.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

GOA here I come!!!

I am going to Goa. Again!!! I know you all are like again? So, The first time I went to Goa was in December 2015 and now I am going again. After Goa, this time, I am also going to Bombay now known as Mumbai.

I was looking forward to the pool at the resort but this time we were going to stay at North Goa first for 4 days and then at South Goa for 2 days. The resort in North Goa has 2 pools but the resort in South Goa has 2 pools, 2 Jacuzzi, a water slide, a kiddies pool and a canal which is 4 feet deep. So, the resort at South Goa RULES. Oh! Yeah I almost forgot - I am going with a couple of friends. So, Goa here I come!!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Books, Books, Books
Delhi Book fair, Pragati Madan, New Delhi.
The Delhi Book Fair was held from 23rd of August  to 31st August 2014 as it is held every year. The Delhi Book fair does not only have books but also other things such as toys, stuff animals and games. On 24thof August it was the second day of the book fair and also the day of the famous author Anushuka Ravishanker’s book launch of the book “Moin aur Rakshas”. In the book fair there are a lot of stalls like Eklavya, Grolier, Times of India, Sage, Chandan Group and Sachand Publishing. There are two types of books – first hand and second hand. First hand books are those that are new and second hand books have been used once. Second hand books mostly cost less and first hand books cost more as they haven’t been used once. I also interviewed Anushuka Ravishankar. I asked her the following questions-

  • How many books have you written for children?
    More than 30 books
  • How many years have you been writing for?
    17 years
  • What do you think children do more- Read or watch TV
    I think 50/50
  • Do you like writing for children?
    Yes I do
  • Do you like to write in Hindi or English?
    In English

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Inndddiiiiaaaaa Heerrreeee I Coommmeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Packing up can be hard, especially when you are only two people and you have like eight bags. That’s exactly what happened to us. It meant my mother and me each had to carry 4 bags. It was difficult to pack as we had gifts for our relatives and friends that we had bought to give to them once we were back to India and all the clothes we had bought in the U.S. and some of the clothes were really bulky. I must agree we were lucky we had friends there and some friends who had cars otherwise we wouldn’t have made to the airport in time. We went to the airport in a friend’s car and that’s how we made it to the airport.
I was feeling really glad (seventy percent) that I was going back to India but I was also feeling 30 percent sad because I was going to miss all the things that we had here like – soccer, basketball, frisbee, library, friends etc.
We made it to the counter at the airport but we had to shift some weight from one bag to the other as we could not average it. We could not put more than 23 kg in one bag.
In the flight
We boarded the flight somehow and really I don’t know how we did it as we had arrived late at the airport and we had also got delayed at the checking counter as we still had 3 carry-on bags with us and we spent an hour at the counter. When we got into the flight we kept our bags in the cabin luggage and after half an hour our flight took off to the New York airport. We had a connecting flight from the New York airport to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The flight to the New York was five hours and my mother slept all the 5 hours while I didn’t sleep a wink. I watched movies.
At the New York Airport we ate burger and fries and Pizza and then went to our boarding gate. We had to wait 6 hours for our flight and in those 6 hours I was mad because I really wanted to go home. When our airplane landed on the New York Airport all the people of which 80 percent were Indian rushed to board the plane. And trust me if I was alone I would have got lost and stomped on.
Finally we boarded the flight that was going to India and   took our seats. As soon as the plane took off my mother dozed off. However I watched movies the whole time and slept only for four hours that to only because my mother forced me to sleep. I watched famous animation movies like Rio, The Lego Movie and Puss in Boots. Finally our flight landed and I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew that I would be meeting my friends, my family and my relatives pretty soon. I had never been this happy to be home because for the past ten months I had never visited one place, and that was MY HOME. I was so dang missing that place I could not imagine how I was really going to live without that place. Seriously!          

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

The magic of Magic Kingdom!

Older Post from my diary

Wednesday may 14, 2014: The magic of Magic Kingdom!
Today we were going to Magic Kingdom. I was kind of excited because I wasn’t really into mickey mouse and his club. We took the shuttle from our resort and an hour we were there. We were among the first ones to enter. As soon as we entered my father went on a roller coaster while my mom and I went on a car ride. I drived and because of me driving the ride was really bumpy.
Then we went on like a hundred more rides. After that we ate and caught the bus which took us to our resort.

Trip to Universal Studios

Older Post from my diary

Tuesday May 13, 2014:  Trip to Universal Studios

Today we are going to the Universal Studios. Today we are going to the Universal Studios. That’s exactly what I said after I heard that we were going to the Universal Studios. I was veryyyyyy excited to go. We took the shuttle from our resort and an hour and half later we were there.

We were among the first ones to enter and the first ride we went to was Transformers. It was technically that you sit in Optimus Prime and go out to the city and have an adventure of about 5-6 minutes. Then my father went on a huge roller coaster which started off straight, climbed up at 90 degrees like a ladder and then went down a huge fall about some 15-20 feet. Then it went into a circle and went on a fall again, another circle, another fall and back straight.

My mom fell dizzy just looking at it so just for her sake I decided that we should eat something. We ate and then went on the Transformers ride again.  Then we went on some more rides and then caught the bus that went to our resort, had our dinner and then went to sleep as we were going to Magic Kingdom the next day.

Trip around U-S-A

Older Post from my diary
Monday May 12, 2014 : Trip around U-S-A
I was excited because today was going to be different than other days as we were going to downtown Disney. We caught the bus that went there and got off an hour later. We went around and saw many shops. About eighty percent of the shops had things that had Mickey Mouse, his whole club house and many more Disney things. Surprisingly I saw a shop of Lego there. We went inside and looked around, I pleaded with my Mom to buy a set but she said no. We exited the store from the other end and I couldn’t believe what I saw!!!
Can you guess what they are made of? After some more roaming around we went to our resort, had dinner and slept as the next day we were going to go to Universal Studios.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

I am from my family

I am from mama and
From India and U.S.A.
I am from my family.
I am from nani and
From mama and mamma.
And from the heart of all.
I am from my family.
I am from dadi and
From papa and chacha.
And from the heart of all.
I am from my family.
I am from playing soccer and
And from the heart of all.
I am from my family.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014: Swimming in the pool is the best thing in the world

Sunday, May 11, 2014: Swimming in the pool is the best thing in the world

We woke up in the morning and went to eat breakfast. I had three chocolate muffins. Then we went to the clubhouse. We had stayed at The Crown Club Summer Bay Resort yesterday and we from today would be staying at the Summer Bay Resort so technically Summer Bay Resort had three main places to stay- Clubhouse, Crown Club and the last one I don’t remember.

What I was most excited about was the pools because the whole Summer Bay  had eight  pools and a water park. So we checked in again. When we reached our room I wanted to go swimming in the pool but my parents said we will go in the evening. Then at 4 my mother went to the market to buy groceries and at 5 me and my father decided to go to the pool. I kind of remember swimming from India since I learnt it in India but I kind of also forgot as it was a long time ago so I could kind of swim.

Then my mother joined us and after some time my mom and dad went to the spa. I touched the water of the spa and it was really hot as it was a hot spa. After some while all three of us went back to our room, had dinner and slept.

Saturday, May 10, 2014: Would we catch the flight?

Saturday, May 10, 2014: Would we catch the flight?

We woke up at ten in the morning and started packing for leaving Montreal. Then we started having breakfast and I started watching television.

After that at about ten-thirty we left to see Mr. Sharma who had been there at my mother’s wedding. We were going to have lunch at their house. They were also North Indians so we had Indian food like nan, dal, rayta. I ate three nans, a bowl of dal and a bowl of rayta. After that I went to play something with their fifteen year old son. We started playing soccer and he was really good.

Then at around three-forty five we left for the airport. It turns out that our first flight was delayed and because of that we couldn’t catch our connecting flight so the United employees booked us another flight at seven to Washington DC the same place we came from to Montreal. Then we had a flight to Orlando at ten.

So we took the flight to DC and landed there with only about ten minutes to catch our next flight. My father needed to take the bag which we had to check-in as there was no space in the overhead cabins. He said that he will wait for the bag to arrive and my mom and I should hurry for the next flight. So my mom and myself we hurried to the terminal from where our next flight was from. We had to catch a train to go to that terminal. We were at the platform and our train arrived but my father was nowhere in sight.

So we got in the train and then took the elevator up. My mom was coming slowly as she was carrying a bag. I rushed to the gate and told them to wait for 5 more minutes. My mother then came but the lady at the counter said that she cannot wait and they are going to close the boarding gates in 2 minutes. I rushed back to see if my father was there and then I saw him and called out - “Dad we are going to miss the flight if you don’t hurry”. He was already running and we caught the flight just in time. So,we were about to miss our flight and it was the last flight of the day so we couldn’t even have a new flight after that. But  our reaching earlier and my father running up made us catch that flight.

We arrived in orlando at twelve in the night, took the shuttle we had booked online and then we went to our hotel and checked in. I was already asleep in the shuttle so I went to my bed and slept.

Friday, May 9, 2014: Big night tonight

Friday, May 9,2014: Big night tonight

We woke up at around nine am and started preparing for the party. Oh excuse me, you don’t know what party I am talking about. My aunt had planned to have a party at her house. About ten people were coming and we going making twelve different types of dishes. My aunt and my mom were preparing the dishes while my dad was sleeping and I was watching television.

Around three-thirty we went to this poetry meeting were some people would read poems. I didn't know what the poems were about till I saw the poster. These poor people who didn’t have any money where getting money from the government and they were getting about 700 dollars and what they needed was double. They wrote poems about how they spend their life with this money like food, clothing, transportation, electricity, books, and things they couldn’t afford. The poems were okay but I wasn't listening half the time. I was thinking of somethings like why do dragons breathe fire and are ghosts real.

After the program got over we took photos. Then we went home. On the way my aunt suggested that I should make small flags for each country we had a dish from. We really had an international menu - chilaquiles, scones with jam and devonshire cream from Britian, Vietnamese vegetable curry, lemon rice, sticky rice with mango dessert, pierogies and sour cream, pita bread with muhamara, moussaka,hummus and tzatziki, fried corn with onion salad, coconut bean cake, vietnamese spring rolls, vietnamese bean cake, algae salad, kimchi, French pastries and cheese, and Montreal bagels with cream cheese.

I made flags of  China, India, Vietnam, U.K., France, Poland and many others. Finally all the people arrived and sadly there were no children so I went to our room and started watching some of the DVDs we had checked out from the library yesterday.

I ate pierogi’s and I liked them so much that I ate about 10 of them and there were about 15 total so there were hardly any left for the guests! About three hours passed by and then my mom said that all the people had left and she,my aunt and my aunt’s friend were going to go dancing. After two hours they came back and my aunt’s friend went home and then we slept.

Thursday, May 8, 2014: Going to Old Montreal/ Downtown

Thursday, May 8, 2014: Going to Old Montreal/ Downtown

In the morning we had breakfast. My aunt had bought the cereal I really loved.

Then we went down to old Montreal which is the oldest area in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It’s Population is 4,531 with an area of 16,529 sq miles. We saw many statues along with really tall skyscrapers, museums, banks and ATM’s. The differences I noticed from Seattle were that there weren't many shopping malls in downtown Montreal like they are in seattle and people in cars were also switching lanes and they were allowed to do that in Montreal.

Then we went to the waterfront stayed there for a while and then came home, had lunch and then I started reading some of my books while my Mom and Dad took a nap and my aunt worked. 

Then I woke my mom and Dad up and we went for a stroll. On the way we saw a Bagel bakery where they were making fresh bagels and we stopped by and ate a Bagel. My mom and Dad tried it but I didn't as I was not hungry. Then we went back home, had dinner and slept. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014: Finding things I love the most

Wednesday, May 7,2014: Finding things I love the most
We woke up at four in the morning and rushed to the airport to board the flight. We reached Montreal at noon and the first thing my aunt did was taught us how to greet. Then we went to her house and ate lunch. She prepared my favourite thing - Pizza.

My aunt thought that maybe we should go biking to old montreal. But we couldn’t do that because it already five-thirty and the sun sets at about seven-thirty. So we went around the neighborhood instead. I saw three parks,two churches and a library. We went inside the library and to the children's section. To my surprise they had all the books I liked - Geronimo Stilton, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Magic tree house. I checked out five books and four movies. It was awesome.

After that we went back to my aunt’s house had dinner and then slept.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014: Museums and History

Tuesday, May 6,2014: Museums and History

We woke up in the morning planning to go to ‘The zoo’, ‘The Air and Space Museum’ and ‘The National Museum of Natural History’. All these are Smithsonian and the they are free to the public. This was an incredible thing as the museum fee is usually around 10-15 dollars and for the three of us it would have been 45 dollars.

We went to the National Museum of Natural History first. Q?rius was this quiz that they said was a new way to connect science with everyday experience. I did not do that though. An immersive 3D experience in the Johnson IMAX Theater will excite your students about new scientific research was what the description said. Me my mother and father saw ‘Titans of the Ice Age’. I like it and it explained how saber tooth and mammoths got extinct. There were lot of exhibits in the museum and I was able to see a few of them.
One was about this dinosaur which they had placed a skeleton of (see photo). This dinosaur had become extinct long time ago. The skeleton of this dinosaur was not very long so I presume he was not taller than 4 feet. I also found out that you cannot become a carnivore no matter how much meat you eat. The scientific criteria to be called a carnivore is to have shearing teeth.

Then we went to the the ‘Air and Space Museum’. There were many planes old and new including the wright brothers plane (see photo). In 1903, the Wright Flyer became the first powered, heavier-than-air machine to achieve controlled, sustained flight with a pilot aboard. I was also really excited to be inside the museum as the movie ‘Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonians’ had a small part that was shot here. Can you see the planes in the photo which were there in the movie also?

I also went on this cool simulated ride inside a plane. It was awesome. I got to see a movie inside it. Then we went to this show and tell in which a man talked about a old plane. He asked us if we could guess what most of the objects where used for in the plane and I am gonna to ask you. See the photo and leave your answers in the comments. What did the passengers in this old plane use these objects for? Like a cup was used in case a passenger had to throw up and it was to be covered by the tissue and the poor passenger had to hold it till the end of the ride.

Then we went to the Lincoln memorial. The Lincoln Memorial is a monument built to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It is located in Washington, D.C. across from the Washington Monument.  It is 30 m tall and it’s area is 164 acres. Then since we didn’t have time we didn't go to the zoo. We went to Denise’s house and slept.

Monday, May 5, 2014: Let’s meet the president in Washington D.C.

Monday, May 5, 2014: Let’s meet the president in Washington D.C.

We woke up at six am in the morning to get a five hour bus to Washington DC from port authority.The bus was cool since it had a restroom inside if someone wanted to use it. They also had little T.Vs one in the right middle, one in the left middle and one in the front but we could only watch what the driver wanted us to watch and when to watch. Sadly the driver didn’t put it on in the entire trip so we could not watch anything. I ate popcorn and wrote some notes for my blog. It sounds really weird but I had to do it since I was doing a daily diary.

We reached Washington DC at Union station in the afternoon. We took a bus from there and from the bus stop we walked to Denise’s house (Denise is the person’s name in whose house we stayed at,since we could not find a hotel). We booked our house with airbnb which is air bed and breakfast and they have availability of houses all over the world. We kept our stuff and went sightseeing.

We saw the washington monument which was built in the honor of George Washington. It is five hundred and fifty-five feet tall. The World War II Memorial honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died, and all who supported the war effort from home. They had gold stars placed on the wall. Each star represents hundred people. There were about five hundred gold stars.

Then it started raining so we went home and slept.We slept in Denise’s house (see photo of my popsicle and myself sleeping), ate in Denise’s house, bathed in Denise’s house practically did everything in her house except sightseeing!

Sunday, May 4, 2014: Hoping to see Statue of Liberty

Sunday, May 4, 2014: Hoping to see Statue of Liberty

The room was slept in was good and comfy. They also had a T.V. which I found awesome since I haven’t watched T.V. for at least 7 months. I watched ‘The Smurfs’ and found it cool.

I got up on my own in the morning and got ready and then at eight am my father and I had breakfast. I had a chocolate chip muffin and a glass of milk.
At eleven thirty my mom came from Philadelphia to join us. Then all three of us went to Times Square. There were a lot of people today also. It was busy again and I got to see the real New York traffic which had lot of taxis (photo). Times square has a lot of hoardings and they were big and lights were playing around them.
We then thought we should go to see the Statue of Liberty and took a bus. The statue of Liberty was given to the Americans by the French to make friendship. Now back to where we were. But by the time we reached the last ferry to Statue of Liberty had taken off. We stayed there for some time and then went back to the hotel.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Saturday, May 3, 2014: Busy Busy Times Square in New York

Saturday, May 3,2014: Busy Busy Times Square in New York
We checked out of ‘John F. Kennedy Inn’ in the morning and took the subway to Times square where they drop a ball each year on the New Year’s eve. We could take our bags and take the subway and wander around because we were travelling light. Times square was a very busy place. There were a lot of people there.
Some were getting their pictures clicked with Disney characters who were people dressed like Ironman (see Photo) and Captain America. Some people were shopping in International Council-Shopping Center,Sunglass Hut and Toys R Us.There was also a really big line for the broadway musical ‘Aladdin’.
Minnie mouse and Woody grabbed me and I got a picture clicked with them even though I didn't want to.

Then we went to the famous Empire State Building (see photo). It has Hundred and two floors. Near the Empire State building there was a strange building which was not like the other buildings like it comes down till 120 feet but then it changes shape and comes out and becomes like a bowl (see photo).

But by that time it had started raining so we went to port authority which builds, operates and maintains transportation in New York and New Jersey. It has a network of road, rail, air and water transport which moves throughout New York and New Jersey. Every year millions of people use this transport to go from one place to another. We took bus no. 129 to Herman Ave. and Meadow Land. Then we checked in the hotel ‘Extended Stay America’.

Friday, May 2, 2014: Flights, Flights and Flights

Friday, May 2,2014: Flights, Flights and Flights
On May 2 my father and myself left for New York from Seattle. We took the bus in the morning at 6 and then the sound transit to reach airport. We had a flight at 10. The flight was of 2 hours long as our flight was not directly to New York.
We reached San Francisco first and we stayed at the airport for 1 hour 30 minutes. Then we we took another flight which was 5 hours long to John. F Kennedy airport. We reached at 9:15 in the night there. It was 6.15 in Seattle at that time since New York is 3 hours ahead of Seattle. This is because New York is on the east coast in US and the sun rises early there.

My plane ride was awesome. I saw 50 planes take off at the San Francisco airport. The view of New York from the plane was beautiful but we could not see some of it because it was dark. From the airport we took the shuttle sent by the inn where we were staying. After reaching our room we slept.